Not your typical mortgage broker.

Real Estate isn’t Difficult. Mortgages aren’t Just Debt.

As a brand, we emphasize strong financial education,thorough retirement planning, long run interest savings and wealth building.

Why We Do What We Do

We are Here to Help

We are here to help you secure your financial future, increase your passive income & see real estate investment as the key to your dream life.

Your Mortgage Guide is on a mission to minimize hassles, smoothen the mortgage process for you, through technology and education. And support you on your journey to building your wealth by taking advantage of your mortgages and loans.

Founded by Vaneesh Dass, an experienced mortgage broker, we are a privileged partner of Karista Mortgage.

Why should you care about Your Mortgage Guide?

A Team that Understands Millennials & Respects Gen Y Needs:

Because we are a team of adventurers, entrepreneurs and problem solvers that does not take “no” for an answer. Our founder Vaneesh Dass is a successful real estate investor and a respected mortgage broker who has been quietly re-defining the industry for a decade. We regularly question “Is that possible?” on behalf of our clients, and make it a YES for them. 

We are Millennials and Gen Y professionals who understand what you want from your first dream home or your fifth investment property! 

Our Specialties

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Technology Driven Processes

No paperwork. Virtual meetings.

Trusted Know‑How

We don’t sell. We educate.

Speed & Efficieny

We get things done. Because your dreams can’t wait.

A Rewarding Partnership

We understand your needs & make them our goals.

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