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In today’s complicated marketplace, obtaining a mortgage can be a process that intimidates many Canadians. That’s why now more than ever, it’s essential to have an experienced, caring, professional mortgage team on your side to provide you with excellent advice for your mortgage needs.

If you are renting, we will help you buy your first home. If you are an existing homeowner we will help you take advantage of your equity for various purposes: to consolidate your loans into one smaller payment, renovate, invest in other properties. If you own one property, we will help you buy your 2nd property and then your 3rd and then your fourth and beyond.

With decades of combined experience there is no scenario we have not seen, meaning there is no solution that we have not already provided. Above all, we only work for you, our clients.

With partnered with Karista Mortgage and the backing of Verico Paragon. There is nothing we cannot do for you.

Vaneesh Dass has over 10 years’ experience working with accountants and real estate investors. His focus is on improving the financial well-being of his clients by leveraging mortgage financing to purchase investment properties as well as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. He is continually educating himself on the economic drivers of the local markets and then passing that knowledge to his clients.

This is well in aligned with his life purpose of being the best Vaneesh Dass he can be and affect the people in his life in a positive way.

Vanish Dass