Specialty Programs

Specialty Programs

Saving You Thousands and Thousand, learn how

Mortgage Management Plan

Put your mortgage on auto-pilot

Your home is the biggest asset and debt combination you will ever have. Interest rates change on a monthly, weekly basis. The city makes changes to bylaws and your neighborhood is transforming all the time. So why are you not reviewing your debt and increased net worth annually?

What You’ll Get

Why you should review your mortgage annually:

  • Interest rates change and sometimes you can do better
  • Life happens, and your mortgage may not be the best for you anymore
  • Peace of mind, knowing your biggest debt is reviewed annually

Why this is important:

  • Protects you againsts rising interest rates
  • Review your networth annually, automatically
  • There is opportunity within your mortgage, let us show you

We Provide You With Reports On:

  • Ways to pay down your mortgage ASAP
  • Equity available in your home
  • Opportunities within your mortgage
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First Time Home Buyers Course

How to buy your first home

Enroll in our First Time Home Buyers course and have all the information you need to make a successful investment in your dream home, at your fingertips.

What You’ll Get

Your will learn:

  • How is needed for a down payment
  • How much you qualify for
  • What rebates are available and how to them

We will guide you through:

  • The purchase of your first home
  • Have all your questions answered
  • How to pay your mortgage off as fast as possible

Ongoing support and Guideance:

  • Annual reports on your house and mortgage
  • Converting your mortgage into a tax deduction machine
  • Use your mortgage to fund your retirement

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Investor Course

How to invest in real estate

Ever wonder how people have so many properties? It’s not rocket science, they just had coaches. Now you do too. Learn, how to buy your first investment property without using a penny of your own money.

Learn how to create a passive income, to finance your retirement

How to Calculate Your Net Worth: The No-Jargon Guide | Your Mortgage Guide

What You’ll Get

A couple reasons why:

  • Its way easier than you think, when you have a team
  • I promise, real estate is only getting more expensive
  • There is 20 years of growth happening, dont miss out

We will show you how to:

  • Protect yourself againts down markets
  • get your tenants to finance your retirement.
  • how to start with your end goal in mind

We Provide You With Reports On:

  • Live a life on your terms
  • Generate real wealth
  • Protect your family for generations.

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