Existing Homeowners

Existing Homeowners

Your house is your greatest asset

Learn how to use your home to build wealth & finance your retirement! You have options…

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01. Your mortgage can be paid off 5 to 10 years earlier…
02. Your mortgage can finance your retirement…
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Most Canadians Don’t Build Wealth with Their Home.

Here’s Why:

No clear, achievable investment goal

If you can't see the future, how will you get there? Most Canadians live in the now and have no concrete investment goal.

No financial plan to reach your goals

Even if they do have a number in mind to fund their golden years, they do not have a fool-proof plan to get there.

Brokers who treat them as “business”

Mortgage brokers who may sign them up with the same lender despite changing market trends, lifestyle requirements and savings needs.

No upfront plan for renewal or refinance

The concept of refinancing is not simple. This is where mortgage brokers need to step in as educators. Sadly, this does not happen.

No matter what your objective

Your wealth is within your mortgage…

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