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Best Ways for Real Estate Agents To Market During COVID-19

With lockdown in place and social distancing becoming a norm, the conventional method of knocking at the door or meeting clients face to face is no longer a viable consideration. There is the need to scout for alternatives and effective ways for real estate agents to market during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted the manner real estate agents work. This has impacted the way they get leads, contact buyers, plan property visits, and help seal deals. Digital platforms, such as Facebook, have emerged as a potent option to do marketing and communicate with potential buyers and sellers. However, the need is to think out of the box, exploit multiple avenues, and find new means of reaching out to prospective buyers. 

Here are the best ways for real estate agents to market during COVID-19. 

Use Facebook Leads

Social media has emerged as a key marketing platform for real estate agents over the years. Its role multiplies with people preferring to stay at home, people are venturing out now with some normalcy with COVID,  but the trend has been set. This, in turn, allows real estate agents to monitor and catch on digital trends among homebuyers, position properties online accordingly, and generate leads. With digital, virtual, and remote exposure to listings, they can gain clients, inquire about their needs, address their concerns, and help them communicate with sellers. 

Gain Audience Trust

If used properly and with a sustained campaign, Facebook can enable the best ways for real estate agents to market during COVID-19 disruption. However, the key to using a digital platform lies in presenting yourself as trustworthy. You need to win the admiration of the audience through unbiased reviews and unveiling of actual facts. Apprise them of facts, trends and changes in the Canadian real estate sector. Be honest in your assessments and information. Let others see you are knowledgeable and reliable.  For example, creating a Facebook advertisement and nurturing campaigns.  

Here is what our’s looks like for first time home buyers. 

I created a Facebook advertisement. Selected a campaign objective, set up a targeted audience and budget with the type of ad delivery.

While my Facebook ad campaign went full steam, I also brought into existence an automated email sequence, which walks them through the home buying process.  I have calls to action inside those emails, to either connect with me directly, by booking a calendar invite, read the blog article on whatever topic the email is about, invite them to speak with one of my realtor partners and the big ask is for them to attend out first time home buyers webinar that we host each month.  If you want more information on any of this, I am happy to share it.  Call me here 604.243.2888

I just started this a month ago and so far have collected 26 leads in 21 days.  I’ll keep you in the loop with my progress.  I am launching a scoring system, which basically tells me what leads are the hottest or warmest or not interested at all.

Use Facebook Campaign To The Fullest

Exploiting the huge marketing potential of Facebook offers the finest ways for real estate agents to market during COVID-19 lockdown. It is not only cost-effective but also easy to connect with prospective home buyers. You can run ads, create dedicated groups or pages, and get insight into how clients want you to do business. 

In order to start an effective campaign on Facebook, you should focus on

  • Setting proper goals
  • Having a proper audience
  • Making your posts or ads capable to target the audience successfully
  • Design customized posts/ads keeping in view the choice or needs of your audience
  • Inserting links and contact details in ads
  • Ensuring effective ad placement 
  • Creating a proper and capable system to monitor and follow leads
  • Reviewing your performance regularly

While unleashing a campaign, it is important to select the audience based on your requirements. A real estate agent must go “hyper-local” and zero on the audience’s geography and age. For example, if you are selling 3 or 5-room homes, it is better to go after an older demographic, as they are likely to have larger families. Or you may target big-income individuals, possibly businessmen or CEOs, who can afford the cost.

You can turn the advantages of this social media platform as one of the best ways for real estate agents to market during COVID-19 only when your ads or posts are able to exert influence. To make it sure, you should not push for making yourself a brand but generating leads. Use photos of properties in your inventory generously and from multiple angles offering the best view and impression. Ensure your posts are able to catch attention while generating curiosity. Add enticing, informative description but do not mention address or price. Instead, leave your contact details. 

Learn The Art of Digital Appeal

If you really want to leverage digital technology and find the best ways for real estate agents to market during COVID-19, focus on developing digital brochures. Your task does not end with just designing a brochure but making it optimized for both desktop and mobile audience. It should be easy to send via an email during a virtual meeting and view using open-source tools. You may add visuals and even interactive tools to increase engagement with clients.

Neighborhood and location are key essentials homebuyers look for while selecting a property. It is important to add inside and outside images and interactive maps of a property. Clearly show the location and transit routes and highlight important areas in the neighborhood.  

Virtual tours and videos are among the most potent ways for real estate agents to market during COVID-19. It helps clients know the actual property, have a look at it without the need to visit it and also make an informed decision while sitting at their houses. Videos also help remote and international investors make a decision without having to visit the property during the lockdown. Add a few drone footages to make the virtual tour more satisfying.

Go for Virtual Meetings, Receptions

It is a lockdown and buyers prefer to stay at home. However, if anyone was in the market before the lockdown, he is in the market now. All that you need is to connect with these interested buyers through virtual meetings. Even you can arrange a tripartite conference call involving the buyer, the seller, and you. 

It is also a good idea to do live Facebook sessions training and coaching interested buyers about various trends, ways to select a property, and also taking them on virtual home tours. Such engagement has a higher chance of giving leads.

Supplement With Online Ads and Website

A customized and dedicated website showcasing your real estate business is among the most-followed ways for real estate agents to market during COVID-19. It enables you to have a trusted and branded profile and convey the potential experience buyers have with you. The website will also have property listings and the audience diverted from Facebook can go through photos, videos, and relevant information. 

Simultaneously, start a performance-based Google ad campaign. This allows you more leads as buyers click to visit your site. You can also send curated messages showcasing the most appealing features of properties on emails. It should contain a backlink to your website or social media page. 

Keep all info on your website and social media page current and updated. Be sensitive to the needs of buyers and let your message approach them with empathy. 

Making Digital Deals

The disruption caused by coronavirus has become the new normal giving rise to different ways for real estate agents to market during COVID-19. Though there are private appointments and staggered visits, a large number of buyers are amenable to the digital purchasing process to avoid the stress of going out. With visually attractive 3D tours, you can offer a perfect tour of the house to buyers on their mobiles or laptops. These tours can be relayed live on Facebook to create engagement with netizens and spread the word to buyers.

You may even offer Facetime and WhatsApp video appointments for buyers interested in 360 walk-through tours. This can also be used to organize virtual open houses on Facebook, Zoom, or YouTube. If there is sufficient interest, you may consider having an online auction too. Software, such as DocuSign, enable to ink contracts online. 

To stay relevant, you need to devise, accept, and adopt smart ways and overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19 disruptions. 

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