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  • Can lend up to 5 million in total loan amount or a maximum of 50% LTV
  • Minimum net worth is 3 million
  • Income of $450,000 a year – is this net line 150?
  • Minimum of 1 million in liquid assets
  • Minimum loan amount is 1 million

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  • Rates are very competitive and get preferred pricing on HELOC and unsecured LOCs
  • Prime rate for a HELOC
  • And unsecured LOC is at prime +.50%

How are the rates for the mortgages? Are they on par with everyone else, better or worse?

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  • Can fund fairly quickly, quickest loan was 4 days
  • Annual fee of $1,500/12 is the monthly payment of $125
  • Are there any other fees?

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Professional Program

  • Doctors, Dentist, Chiropractors, Veterinarians
  • You can finance 100% of the purchase of practices building.
  • Finance 100% of the practice


Features and Benefits

  • In house tax lawyer
  • No fee world Elite Master Card
  • Add spouse as a user and they can benefit for the VIP Lounges and Medical Care assistance and the personal concierge service
  • Access to over 550 VIP lounges in airports throughout the world
  • Free parking downtown at the downtown office
  • VIP Concierge service at the branch
  • Refunded for ATM charges at any ATM in the world
  • Refund of currency exchange fees
  • Automated transactions to your children at no cost
  • No annual fees on credit cards for your children
  • Transfer LOC limit to your world elite master card

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Tailored and custom financing

  • Assign the credit limit to your credit card only available to private banking privileged clients
  • Finance large amount in holding companies or trust
  • Leverage against assets to make further private investments
  • Financing in US Dollars
  • Financing structure adapted to the specifics of affluent clientele’s tax situation

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VIP Medical Concierge

  • Appointments and specialized transport arranged for you
  • Information on government deductions and tax credits
  • Home assistance – in home helper, while you recover. Helper will do daily chores, housekeeping, meal preparation etc.
  • Second medical opinions from specialist affiliated with Centre’s of excellence, located in the United States.
  • Medical Concierge service to coordinate your appointments, trip and accommodations if doing treatment in another country.
  • Direct Health care line to nurses.

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Personal Concierge Service

  • Reservations to restaurants to anywhere in the world
  • VIP Tickets to sporting or cultural events, even if sold out
  • Assist you in finding an original idea to celebrate an anniversary
  • Referrals to professional art or wine appraisers
  • Assistant in specialized services such as a home chef and health professionals
  • Exclusive access to golf clubs, private clubs and nightclubs

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  • Up to $100 for airport parking
  • Up to $100 for airline baggage fees
  • Up to $50 for airline seat selection
  • Priceless cities program
  • Discounts on store, restaurants, sporting events and popular shows
  • Upgraded hotel experience

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  • Networking with the most elite and wealthiest people in Vancouver including
  • VIP show, sports games and concerts. You would be networking with NHL Players, the biggest developers in the city, and the most wealthiest business leaders
  • European style branch

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Qualification calculator”]

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Exclusive program”]

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